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What is a video CV?

The video CV is a new weapon in the arsenal of job search tools in which we present ourselves to potential employers via a short video summarising our educational background, professional experience and personal skills. Use of the video CV has emerged as the latest trend in recruitment.

Why is it important?

A video CV allows you to reach more companies in less time. While paper CVs pile up on the desks of recruitment and HR professionals, a video CV is an attractive and quick way to get yourself known.


A video CV shows you are pro-active and reflects your motivation to find a job. In a highly-competitive labour market with few opportunities, having a video CV makes you stand out from other candidates with similar professional profiles as you. It allows us to demonstrate such personal qualities as communication skills, drive, ingenuity, creativity, etc.


Furthermore, it is an excellent tool for interacting via the social media networks. It is an organic asset that can attract the attention of other professionals and improve your network of professional contacts.

How do we work?

We produce personalised CVs that are all adapted to suit the professional profile of each one of our clients. To ensure quality and results, we receive professional advice from Celia Arroyo - a psychologist with proven expertise in tackling staff recruitment processes. Her work consists of helping the client write a script to match their professional profile and training them in the non-verbal communication techniques needed to enhance what they say. We only move on to the recording when the client feels absolutely ready, and then choose the best shots before concluding with a professional editing process.


Our goal is for the end result to emphasise your skills and strengths, while helping you achieve your professional goals.

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