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Creator of special memories

Hi, my name is Lourdes Barragán Llorens.

With a Degree in Audio-visual Communication and a Master’s Degree in Audio-visual Creation from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos [King Juan Carlos University] in Madrid, I am a lover of documentaries, a tireless traveller and an incorrigible dreamer.


I am a dynamic and highly curious individual who is fascinated by people. I believe that is why I specialised in documentary film-making in order to tell the stories that hide behind people’s faces.


I take my profession extremely seriously. I do not believe there is room in the world of audio-visual creation for “first- and second-rate work”; not when you are a professional. I am enthusiastic and committed to everything I do, whether it be a wedding video, a video CV or a short documentary about social inequality. All these things have something in common - the responsibility that falls on me to tell a story. My clients allow me to be their eyes through my camera and I am fully committed to meeting their expectations. I always endeavour to do my best work on each project.


I travelled to Argentina in 2008 to study Social Documentary Film-making. It was there that I produced my first short documentary film. Entitled El Ceibo, this documentary is about the development of a cartonero cooperative in Buenos Aires [people who collect used cardboard to sell and make a living]. My work received critical acclaim and I was award First Prize at the 2008 Octubre Corto short film festival in La Rioja.

In 2010, I collaborated on the production of a short documentary entitled Una Vida con Arrugas. This project in Uruguay formed part of the international cooperation programme implemented by the Universidades Latinoamericanas network of Latin American universities.


My third short documentary film was produced in 2012. Entitled Notas para el Recuerdo, it is probably my most intimate work and shows the therapeutic effects of music on patients with Alzheimer’s Disease.


In 2013, I travelled to Morocco for the first time. The desert is a truly captivating place that entices you back repeatedly. I have been collaborating with the Communication Department of Association Africa ever since.


If you have a story, I have the lens, patience and passion with which to tell it to the world through audio-visual language.  

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